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Beefy x Kava x Équilibre - Get More This May

May 4, 2023


Ah May… what a great time of year. Long days, the sun on your back, and the best of summer is yet to come. It’s the perfect time to be out with your pals in the fresh air, sowing the seeds of future yields (or letting your favorite autocompounder do it for you!).

This month, Beefy will be soaking up the rays with our pals over at Kava and Équilibre, hoping to bring you the brightest of yields and light up your Beefy Dashboard. With our latest rewards campaign, we’re looking forward to bringing you more this May, to get your summer started right! ☀️

Sun Shines On Kava

Kava is a layer 1 blockchain that boasts compatibility with both the EVM and Cosmos IBC, to bring you the best of both worlds. Kava originally launched in 2019, with significant upgrades to the system being added several times a year since then. Kava 12 launched in February this year, adding modular emission control to bring more flexibility and control to Cosmos DAOs.

Équilibre is an automated market maker on Kava, designed to iterate on the Solidly/Velodrome ve(3,3) model that emerged in the course of 2022. The team aims to provide the base liquidity layer in the Kava EVM ecosystem and the doorway between EVM and Cosmos for users of both worlds and their liquidity.

Since launching on Kava last October, Beefy has added dozens of Kava and Équilibre vaults to our protocol, and as much as $10 million of user assets have been put to work. As a growing participant in the ecosystem, Beefy has also been receiving rewards from Kava based on our TVL, which are used directly to boost our vaults and incentivize our users. And with our comprehensive bribe programme on Équilibre, we’ve already invested $4,000 into incentivizing $BIFI liquidity on Kava… and we’re only just getting started!

Rewards Campaign

To celebrate our blossoming partnership, Kava, Équilibre and Beefy are coming together to launch a comprehensive Rewards Campaign in May. We’ll kick things off on May 4th with a joint Twitter Space at 15:00 UTC, to talk about all things Kava and introduce the campaign to our communities.


Starting with their 9th epoch on the same day, Équilibre will launch its Trade & Earn scheme, where users of the DEX will be rewarded with additional tokens corresponding to their trading volume in the promotional period. At the same time, Beefy and Kava will be launching a Vault Boost on our Équilibre WETH-KAVA vault, to ratchet up your earnings to the next level. Finally, all three projects will redirect voting power on Équilibre towards the WETH-KAVA LP, to increase the rate of emissions to the liquidity pool (and consequently the vault on Beefy as well!). And the one final flourish, the LP will be receiving addition KAVA bribes to supercharge its emissions.

For the duration of the campaign only, you can grab yourself extra emissions, supercharged by bribes, augmented by boosts, within promotions. Incentive-ception! 😍

Get Boosted

Wanting to join us in soaking in all the rays? And make sure you hit every layer of this Campaign? It’s really quite simple! Just head over to the Beefy vault page, zap in with just a couple of clicks, and hit “Boost Vault”. And that’s it… you’re benefiting from many layers of rewards, from 3 of your favorite projects!

Make sure to stop by our squad Twitter Space on May 4th at 15:00 UTC, and enjoy making more this May! 😎

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