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Bulletproof Browsing In Partnership with Carbon

March 2, 2023


At Beefy, we know as well as anyone that the journey from the internet of old into Web 3.0 is a difficult one, fraught with technical issues, security risks and affronts to your privacy. These staunch differences between old and new are the main barrier separating the wonders of DeFi from its next billion users. So what’s the solution to bridge this gap?

Followers of Beefy will know that we’ve been preaching the answer for some time now: safe, secure and straightforward tooling, built from the ground up to be user-friendly, crypto-native and privacy-maximizing for everyone. Simple, huh?

That’s why we’re thrilled to welcome our latest partner - Carbon Browser - to the Beefy Cowmoonity, and to introduce the range of innovations and cutting-edge technology at the heart of Carbon’s design, which help to make Web 3.0 easier and safer to access than ever before.

What is Carbon?

Carbon browser is the latest Web 3.0 browser to arrive on the scene, with a central focus on making secure, private, decentralized web access easier than ever before. Carbon’s product is built to be crypto-native from the ground up, to help you to make use of amazing DeFi tools like Beefy with minimal friction and risk, straight from your mobile.

To deliver on its promise of safety, Carbon boasts an impressive selection of privacy-protecting tools, including a built-in adblocker, firewall and virtual proxy network (VPN). Having these features integrated throughout helps users to navigate the challenges of Web 3.0 at every level. Carbon also guarantees upfront that user data is protected and not exploited for commercial gain. The platform is wholly funded from integrations and sponsorships, making sure that it’s amazing Web 3.0 products rather than your personal data that fund Carbon’s development.

As a crypto-native browser, Carbon also includes a full range of functionality for interacting with all the blockchains and dApps you know and love. As Carbon’s roadmap takes shape, this will include a built-in multi-chain wallet, exchange, bridge and staking dashboard. The browser also displays a range of featured dApps, allowing you to access the best services in Web 3.0 in just a couple of clicks. But that’s not all…

$CSIX Token

To deliver even more value to users, Carbon is also built around its $CSIX utility token, which is native to Binance Smart Chain. $CSIX represents share in the profits generated by users through advertising on the browser, and allows users to earn tokens as they browse. With Carbon’s proprietary token reward distribution algorithm, the amount of $CSIX rewards being distributed automatically adjusts based on current supply and demand in the market. Your reward tokens are distributed to your wallet every 24 hours, ready for use.

Users are free to swap out of their $CSIX tokens using the new CSIX-CAKE LP on PancakeSwap. For those wanting to participate in the future of the platform, Carbon also includes a built-in staking dashboard, where $CSIX can be staked for up to 180 days to earn returns of up to 15% APY. In the future, Carbon will integrate its own exchange and bridge, allowing you to move and use your $CSIX tokens instantly through the browser itself.

Finally, Carbon has built up an established network of partners that $CSIX rewards can be spent with, including big names like Amazon and eBay. Alternatively, for those looking to be selfless with their browsing rewards, Carbon also offers reward interfaces with a selected range of charities.

Carbon Launchpool

We’re thrilled to be partnering with Carbon to help bring DeFi safely and securely to the masses. To celebrate, we’re also coming together to launch a new CSIX-CAKE Beefy vault on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), to let users compound their $CSIX direct with Beefy.

But that’s not all! We’ll also be running a special launchpool boost on our Thena BUSD-BNB vault on BSC as well. Extra $CSIX boosted rewards will kick off on Thursday 2 March, and run for a limited period of 4 weeks. To participate, simply enter the boosted vault and stake your mooTokens in the Boost section on the vault page.

So what are you waiting for? You can download Carbon for Android today on the Google Play Store, with iOS launching soon. And the prestake for the $CSIX boost on our BUSD-BNB vault is opening shortly. Happy browsing!

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