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Empowering Growth: Mode, the OP Stack L2

May 16, 2024


In the dynamic realm of Web 3.0, community-driven projects are reshaping the future of DeFi. Among these pioneers stands Mode, an OP Stack Layer 2 (L2) solution designed to foster growth and incentivize developers and protocols within the ecosystem.

Innovative Incentives for Sustainable Growth

Mode stands out for its innovative approach to incentivization. It offers contract revenue-sharing incentives at the protocol layer, ensuring that applications and users who contribute to the growth of the Mode blockchain directly benefit from network sequencer profits. This approach not only encourages the development and scaling of blockchain applications but also aligns incentives across the ecosystem.

Introducing Sequencer Fee Sharing and Developer Incentives

Mode's economic model revolves around creating a cooperative environment where contributions are monetarily rewarded. Developers can earn a portion of transaction fees through sequencer fee sharing, which are allocated among developers based on ongoing analysis of all deployed contracts on the chain.

A Thriving DeFi Ecosystem

By helping developer activity with low operational costs, Mode addresses key barriers in decentralized application development. The platform's commitment to building a DeFi ecosystem is evident in its strategic growth initiatives.

We at Beefy aim to partner with teams who share the same vision as us for a robust, strong DeFi ecosystem that brings users together. The Mode team is clearly well aligned with our goals, so we’re proud to announce that Mode will be our 27th blockchain 🎉. We’re excited to be launching on Mode and offering users the optimal method for yield farming, a.k.a. The Beefy Way!

Get Me There

So, you also want to take part in the Mode revolution? We can tell you how!

First, you'll need some gas, which is Mode $ETH. To transfer some from other chains, head over to Mode’s native bridge or Stargate, both trusted bridging solutions!

To check your balances and transactions, you can use the Mode block explorer. Once you have successfully acquired some funds into mode, you can check their ecosystem page where you'll find a variety of Dapps to interact with, or visit DefiLlama’s dedicated page for the Mode ecosystem.

And if you're looking for an easy way to find high yields on Mode, head over to Beefy where we've got you covered! Happy farming, and welcome to Mode! 🎉

Mode Explorer | Mode Bridge | Mode Ecosystem

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