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The Luxury of Liquidity: Real World Yield with Tangible x Beefy

August 21, 2023


Doesn't everybody aspire to a bit of luxury in life? A small portfolio of properties, investments in gold, and of course a stack of tokens... I mean, you've got to spend some of that pile of autocompounded earnings that Beefy's been building up for you, right? And what better way than by diversifying into some luxury.

But there's just one problem... when the vast majority of your assets are held on the blockchain, gaining access to the real world yields often proves a real pain! And after we've evolved into a world of secure self-custody and massive composability, moving into more traditional asset classes can feel like a step backwards. What we need is a way to deliver the potential of off-chain yield through real world assets through the security and decentralization of the blockchain, to deliver powerful and sustainable yield for generations to come...

Well, that's exactly the dream that Tangible is here to deliver. And today we're excited to introduce their project to our community, and share all the great work they've been doing to bring the power of real-world yield into your on-chain portfolio.


Tangible is a project focused on the tokenization of real world assets. It aimis to offer on-chain investors exposure to traditional luxury asset classes. Through Tangible's web store, users can access a wide range of alternative investments, such as real estate and gold bullion, all purchasable through on-chain transactions. And that range is ever expanding, with new unannounced products due soon. 👀 Each category of assets available on Tangible tends to accrue value overtime, making them the perfect alternative investment opportunity for on-chain users looking to diversify their portfolios.

Once an item is purchased on Tangible, users receive a "TNFT" - or tangible non-fungible token - which represents the physical item. TNFTs can be used to redeem the physical item through Tangible, or to trade the user's interest with others for a profit. Over time, it is expected that functionality for TNFTs will grow to cover additional DeFi use cases, such as on-chain loans. The actual item reflected by the TNFT is held in Tangible's secure, insured storage facilities, awaiting redemption by the holder at any time.

At the core of Tangible's model is Real USD - $USDR - a native rebasing yield stablecoin that is backed by real estate. Tangible invests capital deposited in $USDR in residential rental properties, as stores of value and means of income. Secured by these assets, the protocol mints $USDR to reflect the value of Tangible's property in exchange for other major stablecoins. To combat inflation, $USDR is a issued as a rebasing token, where the quantity held by users increases each day, reflecting the daily amount of rent claimed by Tangible on its properties. $WUSDR is a non-rebasing version of the token, which can be safely used for DeFi activities, such as yield farming on Beefy.

Pearl and CAVIAR

As if Tangible's product lineup wasn't already luxurious enough, the team has recently expanded with the release of its new CAVIAR token ($CVR), a liquid wrapper designed around Pearl Exchange and the $PEARL governance token.

Pearl is a a new automated market making protocol (AMM) on the Polygon blockchain, which uses the ve(3,3) model introduced by Solidly. Pearl and Tangible are key strategic partners, both firmly committed to leading an on-chain revolution with real-world assets. Unlike other ve(3,3) AMMs, Pearl aims to spin the liquidity flywheel backwards by growing the value of bribes over time in order to drive demand. It achieves this by building on top of Tangible's real-world assets, and their ability to generate consistent off-chain yield in all circumstances. $USDR is the base currency on Pearl.

Given the strong ties betwene the two projects, Tangible's CAVIAR token aims to drive more value into Pearl's governance. It does this by accumulating and depositing $PEARL into the protocol, locking it to receive vote-escrowed PEARL ($vePEARL), and then returning yield from Pearl to $CVR holders in the form of $USDR. The result is unprecedented, triple-digit yields on stablecoins backed by real world assets. Unlike many similar liquid wrappers, $CVR is not a permanently locked solution, but can be redeemed for $vePEARL at any time for a small fee. A 20% cut of all $vePEARL rewards is also returned to Tangible's other products, to support the wider ecosystem for real world assets.

Through the power of CAVIAR's automated investment, Tangible is able to crank the flywheel of incentives on Pearl to the next level, unlocking enormous rewards for users of both projects. CAVIAR is available now through the Tangible store.

Beefy 🤝 Tangible

Here at Beefy, we've been friends and fans of Tangible for some time now, and have launched a host of $USDR vaults on Polygon and Optimism. Now, to celebrate the launch of tangible's CAVIAR token, we've teamed up to bring our users a whole host of incentives on their $USDR liquidity.

Starting on Friday 18 August, we'll running several weeks of boosts on both Polygon and Optimism. You'll be able to earn boosted $CVR rewards on our USDR-USDC, USDR-USDT and USDR-DAI vaults on Polygon, allowing users to scoop up a healthy serving of CAVIAR whilst it's fresh. Meanwhile on Optimism, you'll be able to get boosted $OP rewards on our WUSDR-USDC Vault - a firm fan favourite - for the same time. Altogether, it's a great time to be investing your $USDR on Beefy!

To gain access, simply head over to the vault pages linked above, zap in with any of your favourite assets in just a few clicks, and then hit the "Boost Vault" button to start earning extra rewards. Now you can sit back, relax and let Beefy's autocompounding magic bring you into the life of luxury you so obviously deserve. 👑

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